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Our plans

Primary Care Strategy

NHS Central London Clinical Commissioning Group is delighted to announce the release of our draft Primary Care Strategy.

This draft is the result of on-going conversations with our partners in the local authority and our membership. It sets out how we see for primary care changing over the next three years. This change will mean providing a service for patients that is more proactive, is better at responding to people’s individual needs, and is more coordinated with other parts of the health and care system.

Essentially, we see primary care increasingly working across service and organisational boundaries, ultimately leading to a system of care that is more fully integrated and accountable for outcomes. Patients will have easier access to a wider range of health and care professionals. Which means improvements in both access to appropriate health care and quality of care for patients, while addressing some of the workforce issues facing general practice.

We will continue to have on-going discussions with all practices and our GP federation about how this will be brought into reality by working together. We are keen to hear what you have to say about the strategy. If you would like to comment on or have a conversation about our draft strategy please get in touch via email at clccg.communications@nhs.net.