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About our member practices

Our membership is made up of 35 GP practices that altogether serve a registered patient population of 190,000 people. It is responsible for the planning and design of many of the health services across the borough. This includes planned and emergency hospital care, rehabilitation and most community and mental health services, as well as the joint comissioning of learning disability services.

GPs see patients every day which ensures that the feedback we hear can directly influence the decisions we make. This means we can commission services for the residents of Westminster that best meet their needs, and provide support and care at an early stage to avoid them getting seriously ill. 

We regularly meet as GP commissioners in our 'localities' (north, central and south of Westminster) to share best practice, collectively review current service provisions and discuss the potential for new services. We also raise issues relevant to our locality, and any issues regarding safety are escalated to the CCG’s quality and safety committee where appropriate action is taken. Some GPs are more heavily involved with what we do as representatives of the CCG council of members and governing body.

With an annual budget of £258million we are committed to improving the care provided to patients, reducing health inequalities and raising the quality and standard of health services whilst achieving a financial balance.

More information about what we do can be found in the our plans section of this website.