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Coronavirus (COVID-19) update from North West London NHS - 7 May 2020

As many of you look forward to another long weekend when on Friday we will commemorate VE day, we remind you to maintain social distancing but to use our services if you require them. The NHS is open for business. We’ve included details on this and link you to Pharmacy and GP practice opening times for your area.

One of the key agencies in the health response to the coronavirus has been NHS 111. They have acted quickly to deal with the increased volume of traffic to their services. We take a closer look at the incredible work they are doing.

Our staff continue to step up to help out and we feature the story of Siobhan Appleton, Designated Nurse for Safeguarding Children and Looked After Children who has taken up a role at London Supported Healthcare Isolation Centre in Heathrow.

We have also linked to the updated national guidance on shielding and protecting people who are clinically extremely vulnerable from COVID-19.

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