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How we work with providers to improve patient experience

Who are our providers?

The CCG is responsible for planning and buying (commissioning) local healthcare services. The services we buy are:

  • Hospital services
  • Mental health services
  • GP services
  • Community services

There are individual organisations that provide these services. The main providers in Central London CCG  are:

We find out what engagement work the different organisations are doing and we work together as much as possible. We also take action in response to feedback we get fromthis engagement work.

How do we regularly monitor patient experience with these providers?

We monitor patient experience across our providers in multiple ways. The key tools we use are:

  1. Quality and Safety meetings
  2. Contract monitoring meetings
  3. CCG Patient Reference Group
  4. Annual reports on provider performancce
  5. Annual strategies published by providers

1. Quality and Safety meetings

Our Quality and Safety team and our Equality Lead are really important in monitoring patient experience as they will hear about the quality of services through quality review meetings with providers.  We work closely with them to make sure the CCG is asking the right questions, focusing most on those people who will find it hardest to access our services.

Lay members from the CCG attend these meetings to ensure that patient voices are heard when we assess the quality of the services we commission.

We use these meetings to monitor and assess patient experience by reviewing:

  • Complaints
  • Friends and Family Test responses
  • Comments on NHS Choices
  • National patient survey results
  • We also review any action plans that the Trusts have put in place to address areas of poor performance or poor experience.

Lay members who attend these meetings also chair and attend the CCG’s Patient Reference Group, so are able to relay wider patient feedback and liaise between these two groups.

2. Contract monitoring meetings

Our commissioners also hold regular contract monitoring meetings with our providers to ensure they are fulfilling their contractual obligations of delivering high quality health services to local people. At these meetings the CCG addresses:

  • Complaints and incidents from service users (included in their complaints and PALs reports improvements based on feedback and complaints from patients)
  • Patient Advice and Liaison service summaries
  • 'You said, We did' reports e.g. CLCH's November poster here
  • Providers’ Annual Equalities reports (EDS2)  are reviewed and feedback given by commissioners.
  • Commissioning for Quality and Innovation (CQUINs) monitoring - these are targets set nationally which supports improvements in the quality of services. 
  • Where trends or serious risks are identified as a result of a patient concern, additional meetings are held with the provider in order to flag the issues and request remedial actions.

Working to improve patient experiences in GP practices

The CCG works closely with primary care providers, such as GP practices, to review and monitor patient experience and involvement through the following channels:

  • Reviewing the annual GP patient survey
  • Gathering feedback on patient engagement opportunites e.g. the Patient Participation Group participation in the procurement of new GP practice providers e.g. read feedback on the procurement process here.
  • Regular CCG attendance at GP Federation organised meetings such as Practice Managers Forum meetings and network meetings
  • Primary Care Commissioning Committee meetings

3. CCG Patient Reference Group

This is a group of local volunteers, including Westminster residents, local GP Patient Participation Group members, and community organisations. They meet every two months and one of their roles it to advise on which projects need engagement and how best to co-ordinate this. See our page here for more information.

4. Annual provider reports

In addition to quarterly and monthly reporting, the CCG is able to review annual reports from its providers, such as this Central London Community Healthcare NHS Trust's 2019 annual report

5. Annual provider strategies

In addition to quarterly and monthly reporting, the CCG is able to review annual strategies from its providers, such as this patient and public engagement strategy from Central London Community Healthcare NHS