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Our plans

Primary Care Strategy

NHS Central London Clinical Commissioning Group is delighted to announce the release of the Central London Primary Care Strategy.

This has been the result of on-going conversations with partners including Central London GP practices, the Central London Federation (CLH), the local authority and partners in the healthcare system. It has been co-produced with patients at each step of its development. The CCG and CLH are grateful to all those that have taken the time to engage in the development of this strategy and to provide their views and thoughts on the draft version published earlier in the year.

The final strategy sets out how we see primary care changing over the next three years. Drafts were the subject of consultation during June to September 2017 and this included discussion and endorsement at the Westminster Health and Wellbeing Board and Overview and Scrutiny Committee. The changes this strategy envisage mean providing services for patients that are more proactive, are better at responding to people’s individual needs, and are more coordinated with other parts of the health and care system.

Building on the developments we have seen to date, increasingly we expect to see primary care working across service and organisational boundaries, ultimately leading to a system of care that is more fully integrated and accountable for outcomes. Patients will have easier access to a wider range of health and care professionals. This means improvements in both access to appropriate health care and quality of care for patients, while addressing some of the workforce and other issues facing general practice in Central London.

The CCG and CLH continue to have on-going discussions with all practices, partners and patients about how this will be brought into reality by working together. If you would like to be involved in these discussions then please do get in touch via email at clccg.communications@nhs.net