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Monitoring Demographics

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Monitoring at community events

As part of our refresh of our CCG Communications and Engagement Strategy for 2020-21, we are going to begin using equalities monitoring forms to collect the demographics of the local residents with whom we engage. We will give hard copies of the form to attendees at our focus groups and community outreach events then collect completed forms and upload them onto SurveyMonkey after the events.

Where we issue a digital survey, the demographic monitoring will be included at the end of the survey. We will use SurveyMonkey to gather all this data in one place for analysis purposes. In this way we will be  able to ensure that our engagement is representative and that we are addressing any gaps in our engagement.

Monitoring with our CCG Equality Objectives

Part of our local equalities work includes ensuring we are engaging with a representative sample of local people to. Specifically, out first objective states that the CCG will work "to support NW London team in recruiting 500 local residents who are representative of the borough’s diversity to be members of the Citizens’ Panel by March 2020"

This Citizen's Panel is now in place and Westminster residents have beenr recruited to the database by the provider MSE prmarily via face to face outreach. 

You can read our six month progress report against all our equality objectives to see how we have progressed.

The local objectives are presented at the Central London CCG Governing Body every six months to monitor delivery and also identify any additional activities to support the delivery of the local level objectives.