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Prescribing Wisely: changing the way we prescribe

Proposal 3

Proposal 3: Ask patients to order their own repeat prescriptions where possible

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As well as changing the way we prescribe, we are proposing to reform the repeat prescriptions system by asking patients to order their own. GPs would only accept requests for repeat prescriptions from the small number of patients unable to order for themselves (or with the help of a friend or carer). Patients and carers can order repeat prescriptions in the following ways:

  • Using the only ordering services of your GP practice
  • Using mobile phone apps
  • Using repeat prescription ordering slips handed in or posted to the GP practice

Not only will this save money, but it will be safer, because when too many medicines are ordered, they sit unused, which can be dangerous.

A few patients won't be able to request their own prescriptions and won't have a carer who can do it for them. General practices would consider accepting requests from a local chemist on behalf of these patients. 

Potential savings
Looking at what other NHS organisations have saved when taking action on repeat prescriptions, we believe this proposal could save around £9 million per year. 

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